Seven blade razor

What is seven blade razor?In olden days (while I am growing up), if you ask people to donate or pour milk in container and if you check after sometime, you will see container is full of water .

This is classic example of people think, others will do or they expect others to do.

In ideal world, you don’t see people taking the responsible of what-so-ever reason. People take others granted:)

Back to “seven blade razor”, there is classic commercial with monkeys (end of 2003?, American comedy channel “super station”?, sequence is unsure?)

  • Summary is “out of seven blades”, most of blades don’t work/will not functions or do nothing .
  • First blades touches the hair
  • second blade pushes the hair inside
  • third blade pulls the hair
  • fourth/fifth/sixth are dummy
  • Seven blade only cuts-it

In idea world, if you have team of 25 people at work, not many will take a responsibility.

  • Reason may be what-so-ever
  • Some people come to work (for just chit-chatting)
  • Some people for show-put-up
  • Some people pretend working
  • Only few will try to do sincerely

Hope this is good?


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