Chicken or egg?

Every time you think or start working on something, you always feel shall I do? or not.It so happens when you are searching for job for example, do you work on resume first or brushing of fundamentals or information around the area of work?

  • This is very tricky to decide on where to start
    • Unless you have good resume, which re-written (from the scratch) would be good to get attention from the recruiters and hiring managers
    • Also need to go thorough the FAQ and recent trends on the technology or area of work your competent on?
    • Also you would need to touch upon on your network (Facebook, Linkedin, WhatsApp friends
      ) to see where the openings are?
    • Also do research on the web or newsgroups or forums where your kind of skill set people wander
  • And actual focussing on all the above stuff, without fail
  • Asking right questions and contacting right circle of friends, who are actual in that line. It is like if you are looking for “Office Manager”. Ask friends in that line would help
  • Never give-up attitude
  • Trying or turning all the stones or trying all possible combinations
  • Joining a course
  • Trying something different, moving to home, changing the environment or attending group gatherings
  • It helps to explore the areas, which we have not done earlier.
Some of the tricks I have used in down-turn or up-turn many years back. Hope this helps.

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