Two Pizza Rule

“The ideal size of a meeting is two people. If your meeting has more than eight people it is no longer a meeting, it is a concert.” — Auren Hoffman

More than two is a crowd, if you are starting an activity with more than two: It is bound to fail 🙂

Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder) has a concept of having team size of eight, with decentralize team. So that are decisions taken and/or constructive.

If you invite all the top people/bigwigs/HiPPO (“highest paid person’s opinion” ), meeting’s purpose is deceived.

Some times meetings are to show case, top people’s abilities . Some times, meeting are arranged to discuss about “next meetings”.

How do we achieve productivity in meetings?.  Ideally meeting should have agenda’s and should able cover for pre-defined time.
Hope you agree?


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