White elephent strategy

White elephant Strategy: It neither benefit or take a company/person nowhere. It is revenue leakage,reverse of cash cow. You could neither get out of that. It will take you down.

It is so happens some strategies and people promise heaven,where there is no or imaginary path.
White elephant is rear animal.In Hindu mythology God Indra’s vehicle is “Airavatha”

For British empire Uganda was like white elephant.

In Telugu language (southern india) there is stanza/literature “akkaraku raniti chuttam,mokkina varameyyani velpu” (Sumathi Satakam || Akkaraku Raani Chuttamu || Telugu Padyalu) pedia – Akkaraku Raani Chuttamu (అక్కరకు రాని …

Meaning : The relationship who is not useful,God who wouldn’t help in fulfilling wishes,a horse which is not useful in war is useless.


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