Click to bid, sms to win

It was really strange how, people think. You will send SMS to win million dollars. Click to get a job

Scam – Part1 


Scam Part2 ( Net work or NOT working)

Few years back, we got in touch great Bill Gates – Part2 over coffee. For everything he was saying, it can be done.
1. Oracle Partnership in minutes
2. Product development contract < 2 billion> with referrals. He knows a agent who can the contract
3. He also said will get investors and funding from all millionaires in the world 

Solutions or thinking way forward

1.Gone are the times of full life cycle deliveries . Need to see, what u deliver in week.

2. Avoid fancy office setups, receptionist, lavish bungalows. All should be just-in time.

3. No traction, no business

4. No free lunches

5. Social media and cloud days are in progress. Unless innovate, things are not going to happen

6. Unless you can explain, in few simple words : You actually do not know anything?

7. If you can not deliver a thing, no need to have fancy websites, company registration. Savings is the key.

Comments welcome

Happy to discuss on, how to bring product and cost savings in your journey.


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