Find How Cloud Computing Could Benefit Education Sector

Cloud is allowing Businesses to allocate more resources to their Core Function, as it runs on a Opex Model. Because of this flexibility Businesses can now focus on Service Excellence. 

Likewise with Cloud Education institutions too will be able to Focus and Achieve Service/Education Excellence, and this is so much better for the future of the world. We will have a lot more people who will be far better educated from the current standards. 

Cloud enables Educators to achieve speed in most of their activities. Cloud specifically a PaaS Service like Bluemix comes with lot of services which could be quickly assembled to automate a certain task which is currently being executed manually. Building Programs on PaaS is such a breeze that anyone with a moderate knowledge of programming can come up with Prototypes (to achieve automation) pretty quick, validate its effectiveness and release it to be used by other colleagues and students. Once in-house staff starts automating their own and their colleague’s tasks, everything in the college will speed up, teachers will be left with so much more time to spend on students, and contribute to the learning of the students. I believe all those schools and colleges which are already embracing Cloud Computing will soon start realizing this benefit in full, and start displaying this achievement to others who are late to move to Cloud. 
Now let me tell you a little about why it is easy to Automate on a PaaS like IBM Bluemix.
1.     IBM is providing a free 8 hour online learning and one month free access to Bluemix, so educators; Neither you nor your staff has to spend any money to learn how to build applications on Bluemix. Isn’t that cool and easy!!
2.     There is enough education material, examples with codes and videos on IBM Websites/Github/Stackoverflow to learn how to build a variety of applications ranging from space apps to apps that will help you find an ATM around you. Your staff could just redo what is done, build apps and retire them to get a hang of how apps are built.
3.     Since it’s all based on open source, there is enough reusable code which anyone can use without any limitation, tweak it as per your requirement and build the apps of your choice.
4.     All the services are available on demand, you don’t have to wait a minute to install new hardware or software, it’s all readily available on pay as you use basis.
5.     Everything is on Cloud which means, you can collaborate with others, share the project with others you know and get their expert help in a few minutes. 
Education sector has many stakeholders, ranging from Government, Administrators, Teachers, and Students to many others. Student is the biggest stakeholder and he deserves the highest benefit. Automation and Cloud is definitely going to bring in a lot of cost and time saving. Educators will be left with a lot on table to pass this benefit to Students and hence provide highest benefit to the biggest stakeholder.
A PaaS like Bluemix allows students to explore 100’s of different software services, competing with each other in the same segment. This gives massive and wide exposure which was not available to students within the college campus all this while. Such exhaustive list of resources were available only within the corporate firewall. With Cloud and Bluemix, technology is now democratized, everyone has equal access to the best of the breed technology, right on their laptop. 
Imagine the competence and capabilities of the staff and students who work on ultra-modern technologies, standardized across all nations and continents. Education sector in all countries never had such a level playing field for its students. 
Teachers and Educators it’s now on you to help your students get the best tools via IBM Bluemix.
Disclaimer: Content written above is purely my individual opinion and not my employer’s statement or commitment. 
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