Made in India – Indian startups

The title’s origin can be traced to the present ( Indian Prime Minister Mr . Narendra Modi’s the USA mesmerized visit).

The following is phrase is used by  Apollo -13 moon crew. They have reported a major technical problem. This is the same story of startups.



Last few weeks being crazy, as I have ben looking for new job/career.  Every stage of life gives major learning.
During this phase, I am exploring options with various startups and MNC’s.  It is amazing after ten years (of my job search) have seen things have changed.

Young Guns in line 🙂

There is a major shift in the change of the firms /thinking. During my job search process, have spoken to various people

  • Have seen and  spoken to IIM/IIT other top cream college/School graduates.
  • The experiences range from  “Zero years” to “ten years”
  • They are in CXO roles and key roles.
  • One such example is Oye rooms co-founder ( Ritesh Agarwal)
  • Another example is “Rahul Yadav”  (Ex-CEO of He is most controversial CEO of the times.


No Vision and Mission

  • People are mixing various roles (CXO, Developer, Investor). No man/woman can have multiple roles.
  • Every firm wants CXO, who can code, test, fund, market, and many things. People don’t realize development guys can’t be in co-founder team.
  • Foundation of the development team is a must. Unless you have the right mix of all ingredients you can not have a right taste of food or pizza.
  • There is no roadmap. People are concentrating on either “marketing side” or “getting product out”
  • Just because there is an idea, you could not plunge into water
  • People want all in one guy or girl’s (may be kindergarten ) to do everything.
  • People and firms to get maturity in dealing market and financial condition.

  • Everyone is trying to become Amazon, Flipkart, Google.  Every firm wants to imitate what others are doing.
  • Plethora of e-commerce firms produced in the market. Unless there is a strategy, you can not succeed.

Process and planning

The following is typical strategy suggestion, I have made to the startups
  • Near-term
    • Gap analysis
    • Setting up a team or re-arranging the portfolio
    • Hand-over /KT from consultants or contract firms (if any)
    • Steady state
  • Long -term
    • Migration to “new technology stack or framework Gap analysis
    • Distributed development teams

Typical development team

  • Team lead/Architect
  • Document writer
  • Solution Designer/ Component designer
  • Developer and Tester
  • QA teams
  • Deployment team

Typical Documentation /Guidelines

  • Project Plans
  • Requirements /User stories creation
  • Coding guidelines
  • Architecture document
  • High-level ./Low level design
  • Test plans and test cases
  • Deployment setup


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