Startups to focus on products (which are hotter than Jennifer Lawrence)

You need a very product-oriented culture… Lots of companies have great engineers and smart people. …..there needs to be some gravitational force that pulls it all together.” – Steve Jobs 

Keeping aside “Jennifer Lawrence” , focus on a product is key than wondering here and there .


Product is the key

1. Focus on the product, MVP, the flow of the process and project.


Why life planning will make you question everything

What is work? 

Mukund Mohan (@mukund)  is a serial entrepreneur. He has written many inspiring articles and well known for his leadership in start-up world:)

Work” is really a man-made concept. As a friend put it yesterday, it is exchange / creation of value for goods and services desired. If we can abstract why we need to work from why we want to work, then it becomes a question of bringing value to another human’s life.

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Top 13 reasons, your start-up/products will fail

Being observing startup and product development for many years either work or during the job search.By the way, they are not in particular order.

#1 Strategy is missing

Lacking in the what the product/startup should be?. Just because someone is hit (read Amazon, Flipkart, Google, Food Apps, Delivery apps, Oyo, AniBnb), you are starting the same stuff.

Image result for zebra crossing

Just because zebra, is able to cross the roads, people think they have to be like zebra to cross the road. They will keep firms and product at cross-roads.

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Lean, Agile – snapshot

Thanks for nice response on articles on Lean and Agile **

In this article, initial small intro on Lean and Agile. After that, have provided links. Some of the links might be broken, and would have re-write older articles  

Before we go through, we would need highlight process should be part of the product journey. But system thinking, greater architecture, collaborated team efforts and balanced work and best work ethics as well as respect to individuals 

People often confuse between Lean and Agile

Lean is how to maximize customer value while minimizing the waste. Lean means creating more value.

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Find How Cloud Computing Could Benefit Education Sector

Cloud is allowing Businesses to allocate more resources to their Core Function, as it runs on a Opex Model. Because of this flexibility Businesses can now focus on Service Excellence. 

Likewise with Cloud Education institutions too will be able to Focus and Achieve Service/Education Excellence, and this is so much better for the future of the world. We will have a lot more people who will be far better educated from the current standards.