Chicken or egg?

Every time you think or start working on something, you always feel shall I do? or not.It so happens when you are searching for job for example, do you work on resume first or brushing of fundamentals or information around the area of work?

  • This is very tricky to decide on where to start
    • Unless you have good resume, which re-written (from the scratch) would be good to get attention from the recruiters and hiring managers
    • Also need to go thorough the FAQ and recent trends on the technology or area of work your competent on?
    • Also you would need to touch upon on your network (Facebook, Linkedin, WhatsApp friends
      ) to see where the openings are?
    • Also do research on the web or newsgroups or forums where your kind of skill set people wander
  • And actual focussing on all the above stuff, without fail
  • Asking right questions and contacting right circle of friends, who are actual in that line. It is like if you are looking for “Office Manager”. Ask friends in that line would help
  • Never give-up attitude
  • Trying or turning all the stones or trying all possible combinations
  • Joining a course
  • Trying something different, moving to home, changing the environment or attending group gatherings
  • It helps to explore the areas, which we have not done earlier.
Some of the tricks I have used in down-turn or up-turn many years back. Hope this helps.

Seven blade razor

What is seven blade razor?In olden days (while I am growing up), if you ask people to donate or pour milk in container and if you check after sometime, you will see container is full of water .

This is classic example of people think, others will do or they expect others to do.

In ideal world, you don’t see people taking the responsible of what-so-ever reason. People take others granted:)

Back to “seven blade razor”, there is classic commercial with monkeys (end of 2003?, American comedy channel “super station”?, sequence is unsure?)

  • Summary is “out of seven blades”, most of blades don’t work/will not functions or do nothing .
  • First blades touches the hair
  • second blade pushes the hair inside
  • third blade pulls the hair
  • fourth/fifth/sixth are dummy
  • Seven blade only cuts-it

In idea world, if you have team of 25 people at work, not many will take a responsibility.

  • Reason may be what-so-ever
  • Some people come to work (for just chit-chatting)
  • Some people for show-put-up
  • Some people pretend working
  • Only few will try to do sincerely

Hope this is good?

Customer first

There is a book from HCL CEO, it says customer comes second. As he says because the employee comes first.

This true, as if you take care of employee then employee will take care of customer.

There is one saying,  you have to earn creditably, before we ask him or her for extra payment.  We have to do value-add to the customer.   You have to start walking,  before you run:)

It is always our duty to ensure customer is satisfied.  And then only we can ask for extra.

How well,  we understand the customer, will be helpful in building revenues and credibility.

For example, simple task may be creating a web site for the customers.  If the requirement is only web site creation, if customers gets the backend admin screen as part , that will be great success story for the organizations. It will be extra bonus, if we provide customer lifetime support:)

The entry level software habits

Is software job interesting?

Is rules in software is different from other industries?

Always entry engineer thinks coding is only way to go?, Why not testing?. Some how in India/Indians think software testing last thing do?

Why so?

Why Software is the final profession?

We are born (or that of birth), people think, he/she is going to become software engineer. Some one might have told  in “software”, you make lot of money????

Who ever told this should be behind bars?.

Why not other professions ?

In software or many industries people live on pay-check to pay-check or depends on monthly income plan.

Back our subjected item

For example father/grand parents are in construction business, son/daughter grows thinking that we would build bridges/Apartments.

Agreed 🙂

Like wise every one including software parent(s), think their kids goes to do some software engineer job.   Kids think, as software engineer, writes software/coding is only job :).

Its like Mason builds the house .

So who will test what is delivered according to given specifications?

There comes our Test engineer, what he does?  (More roles on testing front can be seen in other artical

  • He makes sure the “given” requirement is in line with what is built?
  • Two types of them
  • Unit Test engineer (Basic rules)
    • He does while code is being written. Unfortunately people (at least in India) think, there is no separate role for this guy/girl
    • Why can developer to testing, is the question they ask?
    • It is like certifying the food you made?
    • Key is tow different pairs of looking at the code.Keep two opponents in team in these roles (one developer, one unit tester) 🙂 . So we are creating conflict, it will make code quality better.
  • Unit Test engineer (Black Box)
  • He does while code is being written. Unfortunately people (at least in India) think, there is no separate role for this guy/girl
  • Why can developer to testing, is the question they ask?
  • It is like certifying the food you made?
  • Key is two different pairs (of eyes) looking at the code quality.
  • Unit Test engineer (White Box)
  • One who knows how to write code, good in code quality. He does code review (also). See all the conditions/cases passing through.
  • He is more less like testing, based on the code.

So who will verify the defects/tests/everything in control as for company norms?

  • There comes our Quality engineer, what he does?
    • All documents are in place /project plan/test plan/Quality checks and associated docs as per quality process
    • Is code review happening?. Verify the records
    • Is Statement-of-work or Initial agreements from the client is there?
    • Scope of work defined?

So who will verify the all components are integrated together?

  • The integration engineer/tester, sees if the all the modules related to particular work is integrated.
  • We can also this person as end-2-end or System testing person.
  • Read more on “System Testing?”

Now That we seen few roles other than software engineer on the same lines.  Let us his role and responsibilities

Roles of software engineer:

  • He should able under the system, he is working
  • Need consul the lead for directions
  • Need to understand the code quality and coding guidelines
  • Need to-know rules of programming
  • Need to know check in/check out  from source control systems.
  • Need to various setup to test/configuration to test.
  • Need to various test servers  and deployment servers
  • Need be able identify code, which is is causing problems oe defects

This article is based on recent experience in production and deployment issues.

Hope you agree with me.

Inspiration and commitment (Part 2)

”Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans.” –Peter F. Drucker

Motivational Quote - There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.

Like every blog/movie you will see part2, if part1 is hit 🙂

The Inspiration/ Need to work on

Inspiration is something you will learn from some one . This is something which motivates.  Some times you do certain activity based on a need for money.

Not all activities are connected with money or end goal. Some people have self motivation, self inspired for doing certain activities.

“Social workers” get motivated to do help others or society.

Political parties motivated to rule the people and want to get into a position in government.


You cannot make a real commitment unless you accept that it's a choice that you keep making again and again and again.

The beginning:

Before we start journey/ activity, there will be certain assumptions about
help from X, Guidance from Y, Funding from some others.

As we travel towards the goal, we find the people are not either your side or against. Everyone will
have their own wishes and fancies. You may get opposition on your way. This is
very normal in day by day journey.

Once we have committed on doing the particular stuff.

  •  This may be for good
    reason, job purpose for some other person.
  • We must carry forward, no matter
    what happens.
  • At any cost and efforts

In typical software industry, there will be deadlines, work pressures. Some
time, this may not be your area of work also.

We must, keep a target to complete. No matter, what impacts and troubles, we

Swami Vivekenada says:

Goal/Work :

There are various role/works, in any industry. 

  • We must choose activity, which will help us to grow.
  • Tasks or work you select should be, which you like most.
  • Even it is not a main stream job,like which is your primary source income. Work on the job as part time basis,  once your comfortable in that job , you should leave primary job.
For example
  1. Few friends started their own ventures,  while working in software industries.  After they have taken – off, they left and continued on their establishments.
  2. One person, was keen on banking financial/brokarage activities,  he is happily managing
  3. One person, who has enthusiasm on construction/real estate,  is happy in managing.
  4. Half of the bangalore software industry people invest/sell/buy, which bangalore as cheapest and safest bet in India (as pet my knowledge)
Hope you agree with me. Your comments and suggestions will inspire and motivate me 🙂