“Go live” in IT

Go-live or release is something, which is workable solution/product customer can use it.
How to do we come here?
  • A greater team work and great collaboration
  • Great planning by the team and as well “Senior management”
  • Senior Management and team co-ordination is very important. Sr Management steers the direction of team and projects
  • CCB (Change Control Board:)) which blocks “Out-scope requirements” in the release. Project management needs to monitor and acts as a gateway to customer and Team.
  • Effective Test team /Quality team 
  • Eliminating waste
    • Politics , Bias towards certain people in the team
    • Keeping problems and problem elements away
  • Incremental deliveries
  • Customer buy-in at every stage 
  • Approval and required sign-off at various points (mile stones)
  • Adhering to all the polices by client or organization, where they work from 



My start-up journey :)

I wish this is not biography , people would not like to read my journey, just few bits of the journey. Even though you feel, I should not have written this.

Let us start without getting into names of firms and people:)

 Life was going smoothly, my managers told me to apply for passport. We used to live in posh locality of Bangalore then. House owner was my ex-colleague.  And finally I applied for passport. And then by mistake gave three different states of India.  After several weeks, I got my passport.

  • Consulting firm arranged a interview with client in USA. 
  • Interview went very well, I came to know that I am going to replace my colleague who is leaving the current project. This person is same one I replaced when I joined this consulting firm from Hyderabad though 🙂
    • Back to future:
      • Few years back, I used work n Hyderabad based “Instrumentation firm”, which used to work on “Meters/Indicators of flow of certain liquids” 
      • We used work on processor based equipment in Assembly and C language
      • Consulting firm came to Hyderabad looking for persons with same kind of skills. My friend’ friend was attending same interview. 
      • That time my salary was 150 USD top per month.
      • In our firm there punching system, we have report to office by 9 PM. If you reach two minutes late also, your half day salary will be deducted. 
      • Earlier day to interview, we have attended a wedding function of my class mate, could only get-up at 8 AM. You need start at least by 7 Am, if you were to reach office by 9 AM. 
      • I though of going to interview, did search for my typed resume (using olden style type writer . And my friend dropped me at the hotel. 
      • There was video running, on the monitor it was 11 AM when I reached the interview location
      • I gave my resume, and thinking that, I will be rejected. After ten minutes two people called me and interview went very well. They asked how much you want as remuneration  I told them 200 Dollars per month. They just laughed and told that is too high
      • They told me we pay any where between 900 to 1200 USD.  I was speechless :). Got fainted.
      • They asked when I am available for telephonic, and said after two weeks, they requested fro early time, and finally “face-2-face interview” in Bangalore. 
      • After I finished my interview they told me to move to Bangalore
  • And finally after working in consulting firm few years, started looking out as I was bored at doing eight hours job for week.  My manager used to assign few wrappers a week. These wrappers were to test certain functionality. 
  • My consulting firm paid bonus and additional amount for staying on bench. Finally I could not stay on bench for any longer (in USA though :))
  • I sent ten resumes, got so many calls, and finally settled on one Texas based firm in “Handheld scanners”
  • This firm I got more than I was dreamed off 🙂
  • Device driver developmental and also operating system areas ( Embedded Windows CE). This was core experience,  I was hired far.
  • Recession was just in time. Our company got folded and firm which took over threw 95% of team and we are look out for job , once again 🙂
  • There comes a start-up with lot of perks, I was asked to implement same thing I worked on earlier firm 
  • Recession was just in time. Our company got folded and firm which took over threw 15% of team and we are look out for job , once again 🙂
  • Again one more bio-medical start up: They asked me to work on porting of device from “X” to “Y”
  • Firm was so good,  and finally day has come, the R&D is closed in that product area 🙂
  • Back to job search again 🙂
  • Landed in same firm, which took-over our texas firm. 
  • after-one year H1B expired 🙂
What next?
Please comment 🙂

Software Engineer’s dilema

Here few interesting points of software engineer, may be in random order

For many years, I am was software engineer at heart, may be I am getting old but still few fundamentals are intact.
1. Essential part of the job is to understand, what is core purpose of the piece you are working, when the task is assigned,
2. We used work with manager, he used always says, when your are listing to the problem, do not jump on the implementation part.

  • Understand the problem
  • Find out if any one has implemented the same with different name. Part of engineer job will be be easy, when you have good networking skills (no CCNA stuff 🙂 ). While working at Agilent technology, we used to joke, same thing being done with so many different names . 
  • Make notes of the problem, how you do this. Understand the logic, if you are doing modification in the code. 
  • Write a small piece, than changing so many things at a time

3. Fundamentals are key, don’t work on “code and fix” model.
4. Fix it it when breaks
5. Start updating resume once in three months. If there is nothing to update, your  are screwed 🙂

  • You may doing same bug fixing, or working on “performance tuning”, or doing manual testing. Even then understand what you are doing. Prepare yourself to go-to next level.
  • Start attending interviews, understand the gap between you and market. 
  • Visit the library, pick-up some books. Start reading, and update the required skills to keep your tempo up and running.
  • Find good friends, who will keep you god spirits. And join a forum, where you can upgrade your skills
6. Start updating resume once in three months. If there is nothing to update, your  are screwed 🙂
7. Ask your manager and peers, who can guide you to reach your career ladder.
8. Use some one as role model, pick-up write things from individuals. 
9. Distribute your money in different accounts, so that you can use in bad times. 
10 Steer your career, the path you would like.  Every geography has different taste.  
11. Look at what is value-add to the the project, how can we reduce work-load of manager, by doing things required by group
12. How can we motivate other engineer, who is lagging in something.
13. Spend some time in coaching and helping , giving KT to others.
14. Start blogging on things , you are looking out. You will be well connected with people. People always asking write-on somethings. 
Please feel free to comment and how you liked this.  
See you soon

New beginning

Wish you happy new year to my readers.
Last year most of the articles are centered around cloud computing and architecture of new technology firms, who innovate and increased revenue model, also did sustain in long run.
Technology is changing,  and firms an innovating.
People started looking at futuristic role models to augment the technology in the profile.
The expectation from the firms are increasing.
1. How you can reduce the time of the current activity?
2. How can you enhance skills of individual and also entire team?
3. How smaller firm with small team can bring in lot of value add?
4. Every thing boils down  to how can we think to change the current mode ?
5. Valueadd of the project ?
6. How do leverage current work and move to next stack?
7. How do we stick 70 percent in current revenue generation and look for new revenue models?
8. We do we motivate your ground staff to work on higher roles?

There are many we can think of for now , please comment on your ideas to rock new year. 

Best wishes and besyof luck for future .

My blogs and further

Hope you are all doing well. I am very   happy to have you as a my blog reader.  I am very fortunate to have many people like you.
2001 – Texas- The woodlands
Way back 2001, have started writing blogs, when I was working in USA. I was not good at HTML and all, also tools were not available like blogspot (at that time). You can see this very primitive.
1.     Few blogs on “embedded links”
2.     Education related links
3.     FAQ (job interviews)
2005 – to 2008   
I joined MNC services firm in 2005 and started working on embedded project. After I moved to Telecom project.. Role was “E2E Delivery Manager”. Even though has done project management for years, agile project execution was new.
In 2008, have visited UK, and was working on Agile Project management stuff (for major telecom firm).
Some of my ex project mate joined the same team, and we were spending lot of time in understanding “Role and Responsibility” and how this job is different from “Generic PM Role”
After everybody left wanted to document my learning’s, and did not want to write on same paper, though of putting in web format. After some research, found “blogspot”. First few blogs emerged like that.
My first few blogs were centered on agile methodology and E2E delivery.
After that based on my colleagues and friends feedback and encouragement, have written few more articles. Each blog might have different inspiration of either reading or discussion with team and my managers. In the same blogs, I used comment, why I have written and where I have written (In Train, Bus or waiting for a friend)
Travel between Hyderabad to Pune, viceversa and also most of articles are edited/documented on my home computer/laptop.  
This was involved in writing draft on paper. And some are either directly edited or posted on blogspot.
Also I wrote some as someone wanted to know architecture on embedded systems and some testing principles.
Some articles were written to explain some concepts in linked and orkut forums.  Have written windows ce versions article, this article is biggest googled one. Also some articles on recession and career to answer query in Linked In.
Last few months mostly reading lot of stuff on cloud computing and many articles.  This was augmented by purchase of Samsung s3 smart phone.
As backup and to cater to different audience, have created account and did re-posted same articles.
Recently started posting in my Tumblr blog place, this caters different sect of audience.
I will write more on the same subject. Please feedback.

Varadaraja Swamy Irrigation project

Siva Bhashyam Sagar Varada Raja Swamy Gudi Project is Medium Irrigation in Andhra prdesh, in south of India around 200km from Hyderabad.This is source for surroundings villages for irrigation purpose. Historical this ares does not have major canels for irrigation purpose.  Even though there are small ponds (in local language Telugu it is called as Cheruvu), they will help farmers, they are dependent on Rain water.

During some analysis great irrigation person and staunch supporter of such kind projects, have estimated major resource for water.

This project constructed across Munimadugula vagu, Kurnool district.  in Atmakur; Kothapalli (M).

Project View

An amount of Rs.1.00 crores is provided in the Budget Estimate for the year 2012-2013.

The dam site is located in the Nagarjuna Sagar-Srisailarm, Tiger Reserve forest area. This is located near by Atmakur (Kurnool)

There was major history, behind this project. Initially K L Rao (Dr. K.L.Rao, the former Union Minister for Water Resources as an Eminent authority on irrigation projects like big dams)

suggested there is huge  potential of minor irrigation project at this location.

Local leaders such as Dr Padmanabha Chary, Shiva Bashyam. Bhaskaruni Gopala krishnamurthy (my father), many others were involved in non-violence movement.
Local leaders who took this into their hands and fought for this cause. When we are growing of my father was also involved in this activity. Most of the leaders are historical from Jana Singh.

Finally project is successfully completed and providing water for surrounding villages.

(The below photo is of  Dr K L Rao.  Next photo is during atken,  5th death anniversary Mr Shiva bhasyam, who is also involved in this movement. My father is speaking on this occasion.)

 K L Rao


Thanks for over-warming response to this blog, this has surpassed hits of my other blogs. Please feel free to comment and send me what else your looking in this. During my school days this movement was happening  and that’s why I could see before my eyes, struggles our villagers faced.

This info is based, info I know . Please provide comments and suggestions on this.

1. http://www.apwaterreforms.in/Water%20resources%20Statistics-PDF%20files/4.17.pdf


3. http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/bitstream/10603/1649/8/08_chapter%201.pdf

4. http://www.apfinance.gov.in/html/budget-2012-13-books/annual-plan-2012-13-v7.pdf (page

5. http://mbbhushan.wordpress.com/2007/09/25/save-andhra-pradesh-from-polavaram-prof-shivaji-rao/  Para-2 stating it is failure.

6. http://www.apfinance.gov.in/html/budget-2012-13-books/annual-plan-2012-13-v7.pdf (Page-77 about the project)

Building high performance Teams

This was continuation of earlier articles which related to the some of topics, which are closed to my heart.

Some of the following are random thoughts in builidn high performance teams.
1. Manage the team, but not their work
2. Assign, review, feedback just like “one minute manager” book
3. Have a constant touch with the team, prioritize, help, support team
4. Have good year beginning goals set, and understand their problems , issues
5. Make team which can independently take decision(s)
6. Always keep you team ready to take higher challenges
7. Think beyond the project, program