Lean, Agile – snapshot

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In this article, initial small intro on Lean and Agile. After that, have provided links. Some of the links might be broken, and would have re-write older articles  

Before we go through, we would need highlight process should be part of the product journey. But system thinking, greater architecture, collaborated team efforts and balanced work and best work ethics as well as respect to individuals 

People often confuse between Lean and Agile

Lean is how to maximize customer value while minimizing the waste. Lean means creating more value.

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Find How Cloud Computing Could Benefit Education Sector

Cloud is allowing Businesses to allocate more resources to their Core Function, as it runs on a Opex Model. Because of this flexibility Businesses can now focus on Service Excellence. 

Likewise with Cloud Education institutions too will be able to Focus and Achieve Service/Education Excellence, and this is so much better for the future of the world. We will have a lot more people who will be far better educated from the current standards. 

Seven Cloud Computing Myths

Here are Seven Most Common Myths Around Cloud Computing1. Data is not safe: Data is actually more safe on Cloud as there are more resources dedicated to secure the data and the machines.

2. Cloud is expensive: Cloud is Not expensive as you pay only for what you use, you never pay for extra capacity that goes unused.

3. Cloud is New so not for me: Yes new technology is called new because it has got some features that are disruptive. If you rightly identify those disruptive features and ride them before your competition does, you will be the new dominating force in your industry.

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Finding Nemo (co-founder)

Finding Nemo (2003 ) 

American animated movie produced by Pixar Animation and produced by Walt Disney.
This article is long due, at least it is easy to find Nemo in sea. This is the most  amazing movie which was produced by Walt Disney.

It takes enough guts to create something like this

There needs to be lot of courage to create films like this. For this you would need some people who are having vision, having an idea to work on.

Paul Allen and Bill gates are needed?

So for having a greater products and future for the company like Microsoft, we would need a strong and committed people.
Solo founder is not the way, rarely you see one-man army’s ( Steve Jobs).  All other case it is more than two people.
Image result for cofounder
Image result for cofounder

Who is co-founder?

A co-founder is one who joins at ideation stage or before or after. And these persons are responsible and to be compatible to have  end result.
According to co-founder – Wiktionary

“A person who is involved with helping in the creation of a business,organization, union, or entity, but is not the original founding person.

How do we find the perfect fit ?

This a million dollar question. 
finding a technical co-founder

Types of co-founders?

Co-founder is one who joins at ideation stage or before or after. And these persons are responsible and to be compatible
How to hunt for a technical co-founder

Non-technical co-founder

The key skills and building blocks  are as follows:
1. Customer Development and Marketing
2. Product and prototyping
3. Branding and Design
4. Personality and Hostle

Final word

Lessons Learnt As A Non-Technical Co-Founder
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Big Fish Eat Little Fish

Big Fish Eat Little Fish  or Small Fish Eats Big Fish?

  • Big Fish Eat Little Fish :  IBM or Microsoft eating Little fish
  • Little Fish Eat Big Fish :  New entrants eating away Big Fish ( Read Facebook, Amazon, Google)








Without going on fishing for long, let us get into to another story (movie 1998  )

YOU’VE GOT MAIL (1998) –  American Movie

Director: Nora Ephron ; Starring: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and Greg Kinnear.)

This is very beautiful movie, where girl meets boy on chatting. They fell in love. Incidentally girl is owner of small book store. Boy comes with bigger store, now keeping girl’s business out.

The gist of it, big book store like “Barns and Nobel /Borders” keeps smaller book store “out-of-business” . The competitor bulldozing the existing market players is the key here

Beautiful love saga and romance between two great actors is the fresh blood in love stories with a technology mix. I also loved Titanic, Perfect Storm and Message in the bottle movies in the same time zone.

Big/New/Innovative fish bulldozes exiting market players 

  • Amazon.com has supplied books via internet
  • E-Books, Kindle came
  • Because of this traditional book store’s market got collapsed
  • This affected, other small players ; Player who are not migrated got declined or collapsed (into thin air.

So why organization(s)  fail?

  • Organizations compete in same market space and fight for the same cake like kids (fighting for the same toys ). It is “Red ocean strategy”
  • Over bidding and underbidding, getting into malpractices
  • They fight for existing market piece than moving into un-explored territories

  • Taking over, bulldozing the existing market place.

 Any tools to use to see and prevent? 

Oh my god, do we have strategy to do and analyse?

Few tools, for

1. PEST Analysis :

  • This is a useful tool for understanding the market growth or decline, and as such the positions and direction for business
  • PEST  is Political, Economical, Social and Technological factors
In the above example book store business , all above factors can be considered

2. Michel Porters : Five Forces Model

It is a frame work to analyze the level of competition within the industry and business strategy development.

3. Value Chain :

It is set of activities that a firm operating from specific industry performs in order to deliver a valuable product or service.

Cost Advantage: Better understanding the costs and squeezing them out of value-adding activities
Differentiation : By focusing on those activities associated with core competencies to perform them better than competitors

Primary activities  are related to manufacturing industry.

4. SWOT analysis

(Self explanatory)

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Click to bid, sms to win

It was really strange how, people think. You will send SMS to win million dollars. Click to get a job

Scam – Part1 


Scam Part2 ( Net work or NOT working)

Few years back, we got in touch great Bill Gates – Part2 over coffee. For everything he was saying, it can be done.
1. Oracle Partnership in minutes
2. Product development contract < 2 billion> with referrals. He knows a agent who can the contract
3. He also said will get investors and funding from all millionaires in the world 

Solutions or thinking way forward

1.Gone are the times of full life cycle deliveries . Need to see, what u deliver in week.

2. Avoid fancy office setups, receptionist, lavish bungalows. All should be just-in time.

3. No traction, no business

4. No free lunches

5. Social media and cloud days are in progress. Unless innovate, things are not going to happen

6. Unless you can explain, in few simple words : You actually do not know anything?

7. If you can not deliver a thing, no need to have fancy websites, company registration. Savings is the key.

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