Great Articles About IT Architecture

Over the years, have written articles on the process, program, and Agile aspects.

Before we go through the amazing process, we would need to understand how do we get the (great) architecture.

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There is also a strategy article written in terms of the “how do we reach and streamline the process of the firm?”

Why do you need architecture?

In the case of civil engineering,  it is easy to depict the buildings and this will be a reference architecture for construction work.

Architecture framework?

  • An architecture framework is a tool which can be used for developing the broad range of different architecture.
  • It will describe a method for designing the information systems
  • In terms of building blocks, and for showing how the building blocks fit together
  • It should contain a set of tools to provide common vocabulary
  • Include a list of recommended standards ad compliance products that can be used to implement the building blocks

Architecture and understanding

For better architecture, you would need to understand the inter-relation between COBIT, TOGAF and ITIL, Prince2

Prince2, ITIL

ITIL, Prince -2, Agile , Scrum




IT governance, Risk, and Compliance (Direct)

  • It enables IT goals to business goals
  • Better alignment based on business focus
  • It provides view of what IT does that is understandable to management


  • It provides a common sense, a practical, prudent and effective method of developing an IT architecture.
  • It helps to move from AS-IS to TO-BE state (keeps agility and profits intact)
  • If you don’t update, you will be spending money on wrong architecture

Figure 1—COBIT 5 Goals Cascade

Hope this helps


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