Lean, Agile – snapshot

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In this article, initial small intro on Lean and Agile. After that, have provided links. Some of the links might be broken, and would have re-write older articles  

Before we go through, we would need highlight process should be part of the product journey. But system thinking, greater architecture, collaborated team efforts and balanced work and best work ethics as well as respect to individuals 

People often confuse between Lean and Agile

Lean is how to maximize customer value while minimizing the waste. Lean means creating more value.

Lean comes from “TPS”, This is where Toyota, Ford have manufactured the automobiles (rather innovation happened).



Their practice of developing the right skills to deliver more value with less.

Lean is about creating the long term vision to an organization. Even, though this will create a short term problem.

Principle #5 of theToyota Way management system says:

“Build a culture of stopping to fix problems, to get *quality* right the first time.”
Lean process aim is to find the problem and eliminating the problem. 
  • This does not mean developing. 
  • Rearranging the cubicles or re-allocating the whole team working on particular activity
  • Rearranging a traffic flow to eliminate bottlenecks (Theory of constraints)

Image result for toc bottleneck
Image result for toc bottleneck

  • In above problem adding few people at counter1, counter2, counter3 or eliminating them or streamlining them will create efficient output.

Agile ( Iterative development)

Agile methodology is alternative to traditional project management in software development. It helps teams to respond to unpredictable  work.

  • This done by  an incremental, iterative work (known as sprints) process
  • Rather than long waits to see the light, we would rather identify the mechanism to develop a product. 
  • Small incremental and time-boxed  delivery (like car productio
  • Customer on the floor or always available or involved in timely basis
  • Every release to produce a testable and closer to final product


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Further reading:

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